commercial ventilation equipment

FanAir Company offers standard and custom commercial ventilation equipment serving the needs of Hospitals, Universities, laboratories, Bakeries, Restaurants.  Typical ventilation equipment used are axial type fans, however each project has unique requirements, we can accommodate special requirements such as UL listing, Stainless Steel, Aluminum construction, powder coatings and special fittings and accessories needed to conform with any custom system. 

  • Axial Fans Vaneaxial, Tubeaxial and Duct Fans.
  • Inline Centrifugal Blowers. Similar to Axial Fans utilizing Backward Inclined Impellers..
  • Food Service Exhaust Blowers UL762 Rated Centrifugal Backward Inclined Blowers for the commercial food service industry.
  • Up-Blast Roof Ventilators  Low Silhouette type with back-draft dampers curb caps, roof curbs.
  • Panel Venturi Fans  Wall mounted supply and exhaust panel fans available with back-draft dampers, intake filters, rain hoods and wall collars.
  •  Hooded Roof Ventilators  Roof Mounted Filtered Supply Fans

typical applications



Poultry Houses


Clean Rooms


Recreational Centers

Sports Arenas


Night Clubs

Indoor Swimming Pools

Garages / Shops

Parking Garages


Industrial Fans  extrusion cooling fans, mancooler / spot cooler fans, oil rig fans, tunnel ventilation fans, spray booth fans, roof exhaust fans, supply fans.


industrial blowers radial blowers, pressure blowers, backward inclined blowers, material handling blowers, fiberglass blowers     


accessories expansion joints, AC-VS Drives, Motor Control Panels, Silencers, sound enclosures, ductwork, custom fabrication.

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