FanAir Company FRP Sound Enclosures.  Made in the USA over 25 Years!  We were the first to design, produce and sell FRP Acoustic Sound Enclosures!  

Industrial Acoustical Sound Enclosures. Designed to attenuate Radiated  Mechanical Noise generated by Fans Blowers, Compressors, Pumps, Turbines and Regenerative Blowers.

Rugged Heavy Duty constructed Acoustical Sound Enclosures designed to attenuate mechanical noise generated from Fans, Blowers, Pressure Blowers, Positive Displacement Blowers, Turbines, Multi Stage Centrifugal Blowers, Pumps, Compressors, and Regen Blowers.  FanAir Company produces Sound Enclosures specifically designed to eliminate a wide band of objectionable noise generated from Blowers operating at High Pressures and High Tip Speed.  Blowers generating high decibel levels in the OBC or Octave Band Center Frequency range above 500 Hz are ideal candidates for the FanAir Company line of Acoustic Sound Enclosures.

Reduction of mechanical noise in critical areas, including Schools, Universities, Utilities, Equipment Rooms, Basement Utility rooms, Roof Mounted equipment, Waste Water Treatment, Aeration Blowers, Pneumatic conveying systems, Test Chambers, Air supply, Recirculation Air, Engine Room Air Exchange, Shop Ventilation, Plant Ventilation, Garage Ventilation, Enclosure Ventilation, Portable Air Cooling.



Product Features / Options:

  • Housings constructed in Steel, Aluminum, FRP or PVC construction available.

  • Internally lined with a wide range sound absorption materials.

  • Enclosures furnished ready to install with inlet and discharge penetrations pre-cut to accept duct or pipe.

  • Optional recirculation Fans, Air Conditioners or Supply Fans to remove waste heat or temperature rise within enclosure.

  • Optional Acoustical intake louvers furnished with exhaust fans option.

  • Optional housing split to facilitate quick service access to Blower.

  • Optional Fiberglass Single or Double Doors.

  • Extended lubrication fittings with external Zerk relief fittings standard.

  • Optional inspection doors or Lexan Windows.

  • Optional internal UL listed lighting and light fixtures.

  • Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 panel baffles, Complete Enclosures or Knock Down enclosures.

  • Special Coatings, Stainless Steel or Aluminum construction is available.

FanAir FRP Acoustic Sound Enclosure for a Fiberglass reinfoced plastic blower.

FanAir Model 130 Fiberglass Acoustic Sound Enclosure for Fiberglass Pressure Blower.  Enclosure installed at a Waste Water Treatment Plant in Detroit Michigan. Enclosure reduced Blower Housing Radiated Noise Level of -15 db�A" at 5 Feet. 316 SS Latches provide "Quick Access" to Blower assembly.

FanAir Model 75 Fiberglass Acoustic Sound Enclosure for 36" Fiberglass  Blower.  Enclosure mounted over Force Draft Fan before 2 Stage Vertical Scrubber. This Enclosure was provided with a 2" Wide Flange "Split" Housing  to access Blower. All  sound enclosures are provided with 10 Mills of UV resistant Gel-Coat.

Fiberglass Sound Enclosure Sample Specifications


  1. Contractor shall furnish and install 1 each, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Sound Enclosure for each blower as listed on equipment schedule, as remarked to require sound attenuation package.
  2. Sound enclosures shall be as manufactured only by companies with a minimum of 5 years manufacturing experience of noise control equipment for fans, blowers, pumps and or compressors. 
  3. Sound enclosure manufacturer shall guarantee a minimum of -15 dB�A" at 3 Feet insertion loss from noise producing equipment to be enclosed.
  4. Sound enclosure manufacturer shall obtain from the blower equipment manufacturer listed on schedule, the sound level ratings based on AMCA test standard 300, the housing radiated noise level and the inlet and discharge noise level ratings.
  5. Sound enclosure manufacturer shall coordinate with the equipment manufacturer listed on schedule requirements for cooling, temperature rise and special provisions for Inlet ducting, discharge ducting, appurtenances such as dampers, Flexible duct connections, inlet or discharge silencers, intake filters, vibration isolators, seismic restraints, motors, drives and guards, electrical connections, electrical safety disconnect switches.   The sound enclosure manufacturer shall also make special provisions to allow access to serviceable items such as bearings, lubrication, seals, dampers, belts, motors and access doors.
  6. Sound enclosure manufacturer will provide and place a 10" x 14" warning sign, on each access door, indicating equipment is to be shut down and locked out prior to entry.   


  1. The sound enclosure shall be a rigid complete enclosure using Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and shall be lined with acoustical materials as listed below.
  2. Sound adsorbing materials shall be a minimum of 1/2" thick, .5 Lb/Sq.Ft. loaded vinyl barrier acoustic insulating foam, with a vinyl facing.  Acoustic Insulation shall have a NRC rating of .48 and an STC rating of 31.
  3. Acoustic lining shall be capable of being steam cleaned and shall be chemical resistant.
  4. Exterior fiberglass structure shall have a Class I E 84 flame spread rating of 25 or less. a
  5. The sound enclosure shall be vertically split in such a manner to allow one half of the enclosure of the enclosure to be removed without disturbing the intake or discharge duct connections.  The 2 sections of the enclosure shall be joined by use of quick release latches.
  6. The sound enclosure shall be provided with a minimum of 2 Each, PVC extended grease lubrication lines extended to the outside wall of the enclosure terminating to Zerk relief fittings to facilitate lubrication of the bearings and shaft seal.  The Zerk fittings shall be marked with the proper grade of grease and the items lubricated.
  7. The sound enclosure shall be provided with factory pre-cut penetrations to facilitate intake and discharge ductwork or pipe.   The precut penetrations shall be 2 Inches overall larger than the duct or pipe diameter.  Additional filler strips shall be provided with insulation to close within �� of the ductwork.  
  8. The sound enclosures shall be provided with 1 Each, spun aluminum AMCA Type B, roof mounted exhaust fan furnished with roof curb.  The exhaust fan shall be selected to provide no less than 30 air changes per hour or 1 air change every 2 minutes.  The exhaust fan shall have a 1-60-115V, ( r TENV or rExplosion Proof Motor ) and be factory pre-wired to an external junction box.  All electrical connections shall be UL rated for Class I, Division I, Group D.
  9. Sound enclosure shall be fitted with an acoustical intake louver, located at low point of side wall of enclosure, furthest point away from exhaust fan.  Louver shall be provided with insect screen and be sized for a minimum transmission noise loss and pressure drop.
  10. Sound enclosure shall be provided with one or more of the following: 24� x 24� bolted or hinged inspection door, inspection window, constructed in Lexan or similar material, locking hinged access door minimum of 24� H x 30� Wide.
  11. Sound enclosure manufacturer shall provide certified drawings, sound test data showing transmission loss, Installation, operation and maintenance instructions and a 2 year warranty.
  12. Sound enclosure manufacturer shall demonstrate a minimum of 10 previous instances of sound enclosure installations with industry references.
  13. Sound Enclosures shall be as manufactured by FanAir Company, Orange, California.



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